Camera support

I use camera support equipment from Really Right Stuff. I use L plates for my cameras and replacement feet for the 300 and 400mm lenses. I also have plates on the 70-200mm and 180mm macro lenses. All of these plates are machined from aluminum and anodized. They are all manufactured to a high level of quality with only minor tool marks visible. More importantly, they are all thoughtfully designed and enhance the functionality of the equipment. My tripod is a TVC-33 tripod with a BH-55 LR ball head and my monopod is a MC-34 with a B2-LR-II lever release clamp. The tripod and monopod are solid and the ball head is a high precision piece of equipment that I always enjoy using.  While not inexpensive, it has a long service life, compared to camera bodies, which make cost of ownership relatively inexpensive on a per year basis. Overall, this support equipment is rock solid and works without fuss.